Order stocks from the Bellen Lab at BCM, Houston


  1. We are sending out stocks that are designated for but not yet deposited in the Bloomington Stock Center. In addition, some stocks are only temporarily kept in the Bellen lab (and might be discarded later).
  2. We will only send out one or two stocks per request.
  3. Is there a BDSC stock number listed for the line? None of the lines currently available from BDSC will be sent out from our lab because we have already discarded them. Sorry!
  4. If you would rather use DHL or UPS, just specify the courier with the account number in the FedEx field below, e.g., DHL 12345789
  5. If any special importation permit or other documentation is required to accompany the package into your country, please send it by fax or email at the same time you submit your order to fax number 1-832-825-1240 or email kschulze@bcm.edu.

Thank you for your understanding, the Bellen lab

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