Vectors/Reagents Docking Sites Libraries Duplications
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available from the Drosophila Genomics Resource Center
  P[acman]-ApR DGRC GenBank EF106978  
  P[acman]-CmR DGRC GenBank EF106977  
  attB-P[acman]-ApR DGRC GenBank EF106980  
  attB-P[acman]-CmR DGRC GenBank EF106979  
  attB-P[acman]-CmR-BW BACPAC Resources GenBank FJ931533 map
Cell Lines/Plasmids:
available from other sources
  DY380 derivatives NCI-Frederick | strain details
  mini-λ plasmid Don Court (NCI-Frederick)
  EPI300 Epicentre
available from BACPAC Resources
available from the BDSC: see stocks page