Vectors/Reagents Docking Sites Libraries
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The stocks containing the docking sites are available for order from the Bloomington Drosophila Stock Center.

Stock Genotype Chr Breakpts Coordinate (release 4)
9722 y1 w1118; PBac{y+-attP}VK00001 2 59D3 2R:18279750
9723y1 w1118; PBac{y+-attP}VK000022 28E7 2L:8133094
9724y1 w1118; PBac{y+-attP}VK00003a, PBac{y+-attP}VK00003b2 31B1, 40A4 2L:10220182, 2L:21639162
9725 y1 w1118; PBac{y+-attP}VK00005 3 75B1 3L:17900987
9726y1 w1118 PBac{y+-attP}VK000061 19E7 X:20689962
9727 y1 w1118; PBac{y+-attP}VK00007 3 82A1 3R:81372
9728y1 w1118; PBac{y+-attP}VK000082 50A3 2R:8443624
9729y1 w1118; PBac{y+-attP}VK000102   
9730y1 w1118; PBac{y+-attP}VK000112 40E4 2L:21951742
9731 y1 w1118; PBac{y+-attP}VK00012 2 25A3 2L:4683203
9732y1 w1118; PBac{y+-attP}VK000133 76A2 3L:19153237
9733 y1 w1118; PBac{y+-attP}VK00014 2 43A2 2R:2285107
9734y1 w1118; PBac{y+-attP}VK000152   
9735 y1 w1118; PBac{y+-attP}VK00016 2 47C4 2R:596343
9736y1 w1118; PBac{y+-attP}VK000182 53B1 2R:11361979
9737y1 w1118; PBac{y+-attP}VK000193 68D2 3L:11654656
9738y1 w1118; PBac{y+-attP}VK000203 99F8 3R:26368401
9739y1 w1118; PBac{y+-attP}VK000213 76C5 3L:19713047
9740y1 w1118; PBac{y+-attP}VK000222 57F5 2R:16689522
9741 y1 w1118; PBac{y+-attP}VK00023 3 70A2 3L:13170566
9742y1 w1118; PBac{y+-attP}VK000244 102A3 4:79131
9743 y1 w1118; PBac{y+-attP}VK00026 3 96F3 3R:21662155
9744y1 w1118; PBac{y+-attP}VK000273 89E11 3R:12878600
9745y1 w1118; PBac{y+-attP}VK000283 92F1 3R:16375389
9746y1 w1118; PBac{y+-attP}VK000293 3L heterochromatin 94181 of AABU01002142
9747y1 w1118; PBac{y+-attP}VK000302 50E1 2R:9203330
9748y1 w1118; PBac{y+-attP}VK000313 62E1 3L:2376116
9749y1 w1118; PBac{y+-attP}VK000323 85A2 3R:4301078
9750y1 w1118; PBac{y+-attP}VK000333 65B2 3L:6402205
9751y1 w1118; PBac{y+-attP}VK000363 70C4 3L:13802829
9752y1 w1118; PBac{y+-attP}VK000372 22A3 2L:1584486
9753y1 w1118 PBac{y+-attP}VK000381 5B8 X:5497935
9754y1 w1118; PBac{y+-attP}VK000393 67E4 3L:10463229
9755y1 w1118; PBac{y+-attP}VK000403 87B10 3R:8265934