Bellen Lab

Yiming Zheng

Yiming Zheng

BS, Chongqing University, China
MS, Chongqing University, China
PhD. Florida State University, Tallahassee, Florida (Tim Megraw)

Research Interests

I am interested in understanding the genetic, cellular, and molecular basis of undiagnosed genetic neurological diseases using the fruit fly as a model organism. I will take advantage of the next-generation sequencing information from patients and apply sophisticated genetics in the fruit fly to identify novel disease-causing genes and uncover unknowns of the novel genes.


Zheng Y, Buchwalter RA, Zheng C, Wight E, Chen JV, Megraw TL (2020) A perinuclear microtubule organizing centre controls nuclear positioning and basement membrane secretion. Nature Cell Biology 22(3):297-309.  [Abstract]
Zhou T*, Zheng Y *, Sun L, Badea SR, Jin Y, Liu Y, Rolfe A, Sun H, Wang X, Cheng Z, Huang Z, Zhao N, Sun X, Li J, Fan J, Lee C, Megraw TL, Wu W, Wang G, Ren Y. (2019) Microvascular endothelial cells engulf myelin debris and promote macrophage recruitment and fibrosis after neural injury. Nature Neuroscience 22(3):421-435. (*equal contribution) [Abstract]
Tillery ML, Hedges CB, Zheng Y, Buchwalter RA, Megraw TL (2018) Centrosomal and Non-centrosomal microtubule-organizing centers (MTOCs) in Drosophila melanogasterCells 7(9):121. review [Abstract]
Zheng Y*, Mennella V*, Marks S, Wildonger J, Elnagdi E, Agard D, Megraw TL (2016) The Seckel syndrome and centrosomal protein Ninein localizes asymmetrically to stem cell centrosomes, but is not required for normal development, behavior, or DNA damage response in DrosophilaMol Biol Cell 27(11):1740-1752. (*equal contribution) [Abstract]
Buchwalter RA, Chen JV, Zheng Y, Megraw TL (2016) Centrosome in Cell Division, Development and Disease. Encyclopedia of Life Sciences :. review 
Qiu J*, Zheng Y*, Hu J, Yin T, Wang G (2013) Biomechanical regulation of vascular smooth muscle cell functions: from in vitro to in vivo understanding. J Royal Society Interface 11(90):20130852. (*equal contribution) [Abstract]
Zheng Y, Qiu J, Hu J, Wang G (2013) Concepts and hypothesis: Integrin cytoplasmic domain-associated protein-1 (icap-1) as a potential player in cerebral cavernous malformation. Journal of Neurology :10-9.  [Abstract]

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