Mumine Senturk

Mumine Senturk

Research Interests

Genome-wide association studies have identified several integrin pathway components as Alzheimer's disease susceptibility loci. I am interested in identifying new players in the integrin signaling pathway and examining if these players function in neuronal maintenance and aging.
Integrins form strong adhesive junctions between tissue layers, a process that is required in the wing to keep the dorsal and ventral cells attached to each other. A loss of adhesion between these two epithelial layers causes wing blisters. To identify additional regulators of the integrin signaling pathway, we performed a morphological screen in the fly wing. Currently, I am investigating the role of one of the hits from the screen in fly nervous system.


Troeger A, Chae HD, Senturk M, Wood J, Williams DA (2013) A unique carboxyl-terminal insert domain in the hematopoietic-specific, GTPase-deficient Rho GTPase RhoH regulates post-translational processing. Journal of Biological Chemistry 288:36451-36462.  [Abstract]